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Bizarre sex customs

January 7th, 2010 by abraxas received 1 Comment »

Check out a few of these bizarre sexual customs from around the world:

  • Young Lenge girls in East Africa used to be required to have their hymens broken by a phallus [penis] made of horn as part of their “reaching puberty” ceremony.

  • The circumcision rites of the Bala tribe of Zaire used to require the excised foreskin of a young boy to be wrapped in a banana leaf and placed on a termite hill to be eaten. The boy’s father would keep a vigil at the spot until all the foreskin remains were eaten. If he failed to do so it was believed that the boy would later become impotent.

  • In many parts of Polynesia, adolescents of both sexes are instructed in sexual techniques by an older, experienced person. During this period of instruction, it is permissible for the adolescent to have numerous sexual liasons before they settle down to married life. Special “pleasure houses” are built to provide youths with a place to socialize and have intercourse.

  • The most common form of marriage on the planet historically is polygyny (one husband; two or more wives). Anthropologist George Murdock’s Ethnographic Atlas claims that of 849 societies studied, 70 percent were polygynous. It is thought that the main reason polygyny is not as widely practiced today as it once was is because of the prohibitive monetary burden on a man of keeping more than one wife.

  • In Kafa, southwestern Ethiopia, a man found to have violated a virgin is punished by having his head or hands cut off.

  • The inhabitants of the Trobriand Islands are reported to be the most sexually uninhibited of all known societies. Children are allowed to indulge in any type of sexual play, with intercourse occurring at an early age. All aspects of sex are considered natural, and adults and children alike are given completely free reign with regard to their sexual desires.

  • The vocabulary of Polynesian societies have no words in any of their languages for “obscene”, “indecent”, or “impure”. Sex is never considered a source of shame or embarrassment.

  • The inhabitants of Tonga [South Pacific] allow premarital intercourse with permission of the girl’s parents with the provision that conception won’t occur. Should pregnancy result, the offending couple must walk around the village naked for several days and apply a magic potion to the fence surrounding the community to prevent disease from infecting the population.

  • In a number of Islamic countries women may be executed for committing adultery. Traditionally, men receive only light punishment for the same offense. In Saudi Arabia, adultery is punishable by death from stoning.

  • At one time, specially selected male children among the Alaskan Koniag were raised as females from infancy, eventually becoming the wife of a chief or tribal leader. A similar custom of aboriginal tribes in Greenland designate this person an Achnutshik.

  • Homosexuality is an accepted practice among the South American Lache and Caquiteros. Homosexual marriages are not uncommon; moreover, women who have borne five sons are permitted to raise one of them as a female.

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