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Review: Crystal Delights Clear Anal Plug by Virtually Adult LLC

April 28th, 2010 by abraxas received No Comments »

It’s not every day you’re contacted and asked if you want to review a luxury anal plug, but far be it from us to quail in the face (or buttcheek) of an unusual request. After our enthusiastic positive response, Virtually Adult sent us over their new eco-friendly “Crystal Delights” plug for consideration and appraisal.

The plug, as well as being a very attractive object in its own right, is hand-crafted from Pyrex class and has a large Swarovski crystal embedded in its hilt. (Pyrex glass, for those not in the know, is the only type of glass proven to be safe for internal use.) The five-inch plug is about an inch and a half in diameter at its widest point, with the stem about a half inch. The fact that it’s handmade means that every plug is slightly different, but that should probably be seen as a selling point rather than a defect.

Virtually Adult recommend you use cool or warm water to alter the temperature of the toy (to conduct sexy thermal experiments!), rather than boiling or freezing it. We’ve been having a lot of fun with it in our office, and can certainly recommend warming it up before insertion (no one here was brave enough to try it ice-cold, but don’t let that stop you!)

Like the people pleasers they are, Virtually Adult send out a free gift with this product. We got a couple of condoms, and some lube–always handy. It’s also worth mentioning the discreet quilted leather and velure protective pouch which accompanies the plug. Besides keeping it safe from harm, it’s an appealing and charming object by itself, and doubtless could serve other functions.

Heard enough? Cruise on over to their store and check one out for yourself. You’ll not be disappointed.

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