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Susan Might Be Coming Around

November 5th, 2010 by abraxas received 1 Comment »

Hi y’all,

Barbie here. I see Tom stopped by the other day and posted some strange story about a guy who died after locking himself in a gym bag to masturbate. Now, if it was a limited edition Gucci bag — I might consider the same thing myself! Just kidding, of course — what a terrible story. So I previously discussed my good friend Susan who has always been disapproving of our “hobby”. Her husband, Tony, is not so put off — and recently he has been trying to talk her into coming to our upcoming party just to check it out and watch for a bit. The rules at our events are very clear, and no female is ever approached without first inviting it. When I just met Susan for lunch, she seemed to be a bit more curious than usual about what goes on at our parties.

It seems Tony is really pleading his case. I never really considered it before seeing I assumed Susan would never come to one of our parties in a million years, but now I am feeling a bit funny about it. It seems I have two worlds, and they rarely overlap. People that I know outside of the “lifestyle” constitute one group while others like Susan fall into the other. I have never had these two worlds collide, and now I’m wondering to myself how I’d feel about Susan watching me have sex. In actuality, I am not ashamed nor shy about it — I just wonder if it will change the dynamic of our friendship. I really value my relationship with her, and wouldn’t want anything to happen which could put it at risk. This all is probably a moot point seeing I highly doubt Tony will actually convince her to come by.

So the liquor has all been bought, food and servers arranged, a ton of condoms secured along with a veritable treasure chest of lubes and sex toys, and most of our room themes are thought out. We’re so excited!

Gotta run,


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